Travelling together - How to include disabled people on the main road of development

Manual and Guideline
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The aim of this course is to help you to bring about positive change for disabled people in communities where you work. To break down barriers between disabled and non-disabled people. The course is:

• designed to boost disability inclusion in development programmes;

• developed primarily for programming staff who have not considered disability inclusion before.

Ideally, this workshop should run over a full day and we have provided you with a sample programme in this section. But any of the sessions can be used as stand-alone activities if there’s limited time. Most popular activities to use in this way are: Guessing Game, Defining Disability and Game of Life.

Each activity raises important issues and can be effective in initiating interest in disability inclusion. You can also combine any sessions into a new format depending on time available. But we’ve given you what we’ve found to be the most effective order. The reasons behind each activity are described in the ‘Motive’ sections which will help you keep things focused in the training room.

If you’re a mainstream organisation keen to become more inclusive, one of the best ways to conduct this training is with disabled people.
Ideally, this training should be led by disabled people. But if you’re not well connected to local disability groups (Disabled People’s Organisations – DPOs), it’s still possible to run the training programme yourselves.
Use this training as a way to start making links with disabled people and finding out what the situation is like for them. Invite them to come and take part.