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The "Crisis Management Toolbox – From Civilian Crisis Prevention to Peacebuilding: Principles, Actors, Instruments", a joint publication of the SWP and the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) which was originally published in German in 2011, is now available in an updated English version.

It outlines the fundamental principles of German commitments and identifies the most important international frameworks in which Germany as a member is involved. Further, it provides a selection of the central instruments available to Germany for crisis prevention, civilian and for civil-military crisis management. From this results the division into three parts: principles, actors, instruments.

This booklet is conceived as a consolidated reference work which conveys a first overview: Each of the principles, actors and instruments is portrayed on one page. The pages are self-contained and can be read independently of each other. Content-wise, they are arranged according to a systematic scheme. They all provide the context of a principle, an international organization or an instrument, describe its implementation or function and identify the relevant actors. In addition, examples of German commitment in this particular field are given. References to further information offer the possibility of looking into a topic in more depth.

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