Technical Notes from the background document for country consultations on the 2021 edition of the UNICEF-WHO-World Bank Joint Malnutrition Estimates

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Joint Malnutrition Estimates 2021 – Technical notes for country consultations

Background document

The UNICEF-WHO-World Bank Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates (JME) Working Group undertook country consultations for the estimates released in the 2021 Edition of the JME – which also served as the country consultations for the three Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators on child malnutrition that fall under Target 2.2 (stunting, wasting and overweight) of Goal 2, Zero Hunger.

The technical notes from the background document for the consultations are being published as a source of details on the JME methodology, including inter-agency methods for gathering and validating anthropometric data for the joint country dataset of household surveys as well as about the country level models for child stunting and child overweight which were first used for the JME in the 2021 edition.