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Switzerland: Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy 2021–24 [EN/DE/IT]

Manual and Guideline
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Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming increasingly important on the geopolitical stage as well as more economically relevant. The subcontinent nevertheless still faces many, often long-term challenges. However, rapid social, economic and political change is also presenting new opportunities.

The Federal Council wishes to raise the profile and status of Switzerland’s sub-Saharan Africa policy and achieve greater coherence in foreign policy. Switzerland’s bilateral and regional relations should be based on partnership.

The Federal Council has defined four thematic focus areas based on the geopolitical analysis of the regional context and the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–2023 (FPS 20–23):

  1. Peace, security and human rights
  2. Prosperity
  3. Sustainability
  4. Digitalisation

Migration is an issue that cuts across all thematic areas and has therefore not been set as a separate priority. However, the implementation of the four strategic priorities should also help address the root causes of migration and alleviate migratory pressure over the medium and long-term.

To take account of the subcontinent’s diversity, the Federal Council has defined five geographical priorities:

  1. Sahel region
  2. Greater Horn of Africa region
  3. Great Lakes region
  4. The lion economies
  5. Regional organisations

For each of these priorities, Switzerland’s three most important thematic areas as well as goals and measures have been defined.

Finally, the implementation partners are outlined. The annexes show Switzerland’s network of representations abroad, contain a list of abbreviations, a glossary as well as the Gugger Postulate 19.4628.

The strategy covers a four-year period. Towards the end of that period, a review with the federal authorities involved will be conducted in order to assess the extent to which the goals defined in the strategy have been achieved.