Switching to or starting mobile phone surveys during COVID-19


Details Conducting surveys is one of the most effective methods for organisations collecting, monitoring, and evaluating research activity. Surveys traditionally involved face-to-face interviews, but the COVID-19 pandemic has meant telephone surveys have gained importance for organisations to continue generating evidence and ensuring informed decisions.

This guidance is for:

commissioners: donors and research and/or evaluation organisations and institutions commissioning data collection through phone surveys suppliers and individuals conducting phone surveys users: programme and policy decision-makers using information collected through phone surveys to take informed decisions It aims to:

stimulate thinking and discussion for organisations to make better informed decisions on whether and how to use telephone surveys for data collection in the COVID-19 context encourage commissioners and producers to establish mitigation strategies to address predictable risks and biases on telephone surveys provide users of monitoring, evaluation and research products critical tools to better interpret evidence gained through phone surveys This guidance was produced by the FCDO’s Evaluation Unit (Economics and Evaluation Directorate), in collaboration with the Growth Research Team (Research and Evidence Directorate). It has been peer reviewed by a wide range of external experts.

Published 7 September 2021