Suffering in Silence Factsheet: The 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2017

from CARE
Published on 22 Jan 2018 View Original

There is a place on earth where every day, on average, over 5,000 people have to flee their homes. There is a country in which nearly half of all young children are malnourished. Do you know these places? If the answer is “no”, you are not alone.

Yet telling the world about people who are facing their darkest hours is more important than ever.

CARE produced this report to highlight those crises that, though large, have gotten so little attention. “Suffering In Silence” is a call for the global community to help and to advocate for people in crises who are otherwise forgotten.

Read full report Suffering in Silence: The 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2017.