Submission to the Report of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants on the impact of climate change and the protection of the human rights of migrants



As an organization rooted in faith, Church World Service (CWS) believes that all people deserve to lead lives of dignity, wherever we find ourselves. In the context of climate change, we live out our mission by increasing access to information, skills, technology, and financial resources by climate-impacted families and communities to adapt to slow-onset change, manage disaster risks, and increase resilience.

While many people desire to remain safe, secure, and thriving in their home communities, migration has always been part of human history, and is a fact of life in many places where CWS supports climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction. In 2021, a CWS study documented perceptions of climate change, in-place adaptation, and migration in five countries – Cambodia, Georgia, Haiti, Indonesia and Kenya – where we support local climate adaptation. CWS issued a report from the research in August 2021.1 This note highlights findings from our study in relation to questions posed by the Special Rapporteur for their forthcoming report.