Strentening disaster management in India

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Disasters disrupt progress and destroy the outcome of developmental efforts over several years, often pushing nations in quest for progress back by several decades. Thus, efficient reduction of disaster risks, rather than mere response to their occurrence, has in recent times, received increased attention both within India and abroad. With a vision to build a safe and disaster resilient India, the Government has adopted a holistic, proactive, multi-hazard oriented and technology driven strategy by promoting a culture of prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response.

In the above context, the Ministry of Home Affairs has undertaken several initiatives to achieve sustainable reduction in disaster risk. These encompass multi-hazard planning, use of technology for disaster mitigation, and empowerment of various stakeholders by enhancing their capacities to prepare, respond and mitigate hazards.

This publication is a compilation of the various initiatives taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs to achieve the above objectives. The information given would help the state governments and other stakeholders working in the field of disaster management to know at a glance about the risk mitigation schemes that would help them to plan and execute the scheme for a safe future.

The information given in this booklet can also be downloaded freely from the Website of the Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home Affairs,
Government of India