Strategies and Next Steps for the Responsibility to Protect: A Conversation with UN Member States

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Since the global endorsement of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in the 2005 World Summit outcome document, work has gone forward to implement and advance R2P. The UN General Assembly has held five informal, interactive dialogues on it. Each has been preceded by a report from the UN secretary-general on specific themes of R2P. These reports and dialogues have played a significant role in both advancing greater international consensus on R2P and in describing concrete steps for implementation of all facets of R2P.

The forthcoming report from the secretary-general and the 2014 General Assembly’s interactive dialogue will focus on the unique demands of R2P’s second pillar. The report and dialogue are expected to address the concept of sovereign equality, the goal of partnerships in R2P implementation, and the ways and means of assistance on state measures intended to prevent genocide, mass atrocities, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

The Stanley Foundation convened its 45th United Nations Issues conference to generate informal discussion intended to explore issues and stimulate thinking ahead of the General Assembly dialogue. Participants included representatives from governments, civil society, academia, and international institutions.