Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021

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This Strategic Plan was developed in a participatory manner through a process that involved over 530 people and 343 entities. The broad participatory process led the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to identify key topics and effective proposals that it must carry out to address the challenges of the human rights context in the Americas. As an ongoing learning process, the lACHR considered the achievements, lessons learned and challenges in the implementation of its first Strategic Plan, which covered 2011 through 2016.

The Plan sets out the global strategy through 5 Strategic Objectives and 21 Programs of work. A first objective seeks to contribute to the development of a more effective, timely and accessible inter-American justice to overcome practices of impunity in the region and achieve integral reparation for the victims. With its second objective the lACHR seeks to have an impact with prevention measures and in the factors that give rise to human rights violations. A third objective seeks to promote democracy, human dignity, equality, justice, and fundamental freedoms. The fourth objective seeks to promote the universalization of the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS). The fifth objective seeks to guarantee the availability of the needed resources to strengthen the institutional role with the goal of achieving a positive impact in respect of human rights in the region. Special Program 21 seeks to substantially improve the monitoring of recommendations made by the lACHR to improve the levels of effectiveness of the Inter-American Human Rights System and to have a transformative impact on the situation of human rights for all persons in the Americas.

The strategic planning of the IACHR for 2017-2021 is framed in a context of growing levels of incorporation of human rights standards at the sub-regional, national and local levels, institutional improvements in the area of human rights and, with this, a greater level of awareness of rights in the region. Despite this, there are still contexts that present challenges at the global level and in the Americas; the reopening of discussions that had been overcome and recent setbacks; as well as a lack of solutions to historical problems in the region have led to a situation in which there are serious risks for the protection of human rights.

Given this situation, the lACHR strategically defined ¡ts work for these next years through the linkage of ¡ts mandates, functions and mechanisms. For 2017-2021, the lACHR prioritized a series of themes and populations, some of which ¡it has worked on through its Rapporteurships, with a broad and cross-cutting focus, recognizing the interdependence between common causes and problems, manifested in multiple ways for vulnerable individuals and groups.

Aware of its role, the IACHR decided to strategically plan its actions through the elaboration of its Strategic Plan 2017-2021.