Strategic Evaluation of School Feeding Contribution to the SDGs

from World Food Programme
Published on 09 Dec 2019 View Original

1.1. Introduction

1. Background

Strategic evaluations focus on strategic and systemic issues of corporate relevance, including the new WFP strategic direction and associated policy, operations and activities. They evaluate the quality of the work being done related to the new strategic direction as well as its results and seek to explain why and how these results occurred. This strategic evaluation was included in the WFP Office of Evaluation (OEV) Work Plan 2019-2021 presented to the Executive Board at the Second Regular Session in November 2018.

The Terms of Reference (ToR) were prepared by the OEV evaluation manager, Sergio Lenci, Senior Evaluation Officer, based on a document review and discussions with stakeholders. The purpose of these ToR is to provide key information to stakeholders about the proposed evaluation, to guide the evaluation team and specify expectations that the evaluation team should fulfil. The ToR are structured as follows: Chapter 1 provides information on the context; Chapter 2 sets out the rationale, objectives, stakeholders and main users of the evaluation; Chapter 3 provides an overview of the school feeding landscape and how its conceptualization and practice evolved over time in WFP and outside, and defines the scope of the evaluation; Chapter 4 presents the evaluation approach and methodology; and Chapter 5 indicates how the evaluation will be organized.

The annexes provide additional information on the evaluation timeline (Annex 1), the communication and learning plan (Annex 2), WFP direct expenditures by region and country, (Annex 3), criteria for country selection (Annex 4), key background reading (Annex 5), document for systematic review (Annex 6), OEV Guidance (Annex 7), proposed composition of the Internal Reference Group and the External Advisory Group (Annexes 8 and 9).

The evaluation process will take place from October 2019 to November 2020. It will be managed by OEV and conducted by an independent evaluation team. The Summary Evaluation Report will be presented to the WFP Executive Board in February 2021.