A stitch in time? Independent evaluation of the Disaster Emergency Committee's Southern Africa crisis appeal - July 2002 to June 2003

from Valid International
Published on 01 Jun 2003
This document is an independent evaluation of the Disasters Emergency Committee's Southern Africa Crisis Appeal. For the first time, an appeal was issued to prevent a humanitarian crisis rather than respond to one. This led to a response that was a mixture of traditional relief activities together with activities that were more akin to rehabilitation or traditional development.

The evaluation team found a mixed picture. It encountered a large number of examples of better practice, with instances from all the DEC agencies. However the quality of the interventions varied between countries and between agencies, and sometimes between different country programmes belonging to the same agency.
The evaluation team concluded that the DEC Southern African Crisis Appeal was justified in that the DEC agencies contributed to prolonging lives and preventing suffering. However, the complexity of the underlying chronic problems means that the response offers large opportunities for learning for the DEC agencies. A set of recommendations is presented in the report.