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State of the World's Emergencies: A briefing for new UK parliamentarians


1. Introduction

The briefing is designed to give incoming members of parliament a rapid overview of some of the world’s most fragile situations and highlight actions which key influencers can take to ensure the UK government most effectively delivers on its moral and political responsibilities. Beginning with summaries of key issues we face as agencies working in humanitarian crisis and conflict settings, the briefing then focuses on short summaries of 10 fragile situations and emergencies. The information is accurate to the middle of April 2015.

There are a number of ways in which you can become active as a parliamentarian in addressing these issues. Many of the countries we cover have related All Party Parliamentary Groups which are currently being reconstituted. For a personal briefing please contact individual groups and agencies listed at the end of each chapter.

Over many decades the UK has been at the forefront of humanitarian relief operations and work on conflict issues. It has used its considerable financial and political influence, as well as intellectual leadership, to help support those trapped in crisis situations. We trust you will continue to build on this legacy, and use your office to engage, provide oversight and influence action, so that lives can be saved and more people can live free from violence and fear.