Standing Committee on Stockpile Destruction - Summary report of the 6 Feb 2003 meeting

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In accordance with the President's Action Programme of the Fourth Meeting of the States Parties (4MSP), the intersessional meeting of the Standing Committee on Stockpile Destruction (CSD) focused its attention to countries that have their deadlines for stockpile destruction during the year 2003.

Overview of Stockpile Destruction Efforts:

ICBL and Landmine Monitor, presenting the issue of stockpile destruction as a success story, gave an update of the most recent efforts on the matter. The figures presented by ICBL are the following: 39 States Parties have completed their stockpile destruction among them and most recently Chad, Croatia, Japan, Moldova, Netherlands, Nicaragua and Italy; 15 States Parties are in the process of completing their stockpile destruction (9 have deadlines this year); 10 States Parties have not yet begun their stockpile destruction programs; 19 have not declared their stocks and one has a very critical situation in order to comply with its obligations.

UNMAS illustrated in detail its website, which provides useful information on the issue of stockpile destruction in various countries.

Croatia, Italy, Netherlands, Chad and Moldova made presentations outlining their own experience completing their stockpile destruction since the end of the Fourth Meeting of the States Parties.

Other States, which have deadlines in 2003, made the following presentations:

- Djibouti, Japan, Mozambique and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia reaffirmed their willingness to respect their obligations and to destroy their stockpiles before the deadline of March 1, 2003.

- Slovenia, Jordan, Thailand, and Portugal, declared that they will complete the destruction of their stockpiles before the next intersessional meeting

Efforts continue to obtain information from Turkmenistan, which has a March 1st deadline, on its progress in the area of stockpile destruction. A similar case is that of Guinea whose deadline is April 1, 2003.

Uganda, which has a deadline of August 2003, stated that the destruction of its stockpile has not yet started and that it might need foreign assistance to complete the destruction in time.

Venezuela, due to a lack of equipment, has not started stockpile destruction but discussions are in the initial phases with France and Canada for technical and financial assistance.

There are a number of countries with 2003 destruction deadlines which have not yet submitted their article VII reports. Efforts continue to encourage these countries to submit their reports and to provide the necessary information.

Malawi has indicated that it has no AP stockpile.

Some states, which have their deadlines in 2004 and beyond, informed the participants on the status of their stockpile destruction efforts and gave presentations (Romania, Chile, Argentina, Tunisia, Congo Brazzaville, Guinea Bissau, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania).

Tajikistan and Bangladesh requested financial support to start and complete their processes on time.

Assistance and Co-operation in the area of stockpile destruction

Canada presented its assistance efforts in the area of stockpile destruction.

NAMSA gave a presentation on the different programs to assist Partnership for Peace States to comply with the Ottawa Convention in the area of stockpile destruction

The European Commission (EC) presented an overview of the efforts of the European Union in the area of stockpile destruction.

With respect to PFM-1 landmines the EC, NAMSA and UNDP provided an update on their efforts in this area. An expert from the GICHD gave a technical presentation. The Non State Parties, Ukraine and Belarus, stated that they both have specific concerns regarding the destruction of their PFM stockpiles.

The State Not Party, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro, gave a presentation on its program of destruction and informed on its preparations to become a member of the Convention shortly.

Italy gave a technical presentation on its industrial destruction process, and noted its willingness to assist other countries in the process of destruction APM.

For the discussion on post destruction measures during the May meeting, the Co-Chairs distributed a food for thought paper, which can be found on the Internet at

Standing Committee on Stockpile Destruction
Drafted: February 6, 2003