World + 2 more Issue No.110, April 2014 - Adaptation in Retrospect: Perspectives from Successful Community-Based Adaptation Interventions

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So what do community based adaptation look like? And how do we think about them? This issue offers exactly this from global to local and East to West directions.
The 110th issue of is titled ‘Adaptation in Retrospect: Perspectives from Successful Community-Based Adaptation Interventions’. This issue focuses on the theme of community-based adaptation. It entails an overview of the successful community based adaptation interventions from the developing world. A must read for all interested in understanding the direction in which the global effort for adaptation to climate change is headed at the community level. The content includes:

i. New CDKN Guide
ii. Women, Rural Livelihoods, Risks in India: Landesa Promotes Community Based Adaptation
iii. What Makes CDKN Unique iv. Reducing Disaster Risks: Creating Community Risk Mitigation Champions
v. Action Aid Kenya: Ways in Engaging Communities in Humanitarian Crisis
vi. Resilience to Climate Change and Disasters in Odisha
vii.CARE International’s Framework for Community-Based Adaptation
viii.Risk Transfer as a Community Based Adaptation Mechanism
ix.Community-Based Adaptation Dimensions of 'Safer Schools Campaign'
x.Survey about

The contributions from Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Basundhara Tripathy; Elizabeth Righa Wakilo; Shantanu Gaikwad; Simon Maxwell; and Surekha Ghogale.