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South Caucasus Food Security Learning Summary: How to support national influencing using a multi-stakeholder approach

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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This paper synthesizes experience and learning from the European Commission-funded South Caucasus multi-country project ‘Improving Regional Food Security in the South Caucasus through National Strategies and Smallholder Production’. The aim is to support the design of future national policy influencing programmes.

The summary draws on learning generated during key reflection moments in the project’s life cycle. The primary reference source is the independent Final Evaluation Report1 (a summary of which is published alongside this paper) supplemented by documented learning events, in particular July 2017’s evaluation validation workshop. More information about the project can be found on the Food Security and Nutrition in the South Caucasus website, and also from the organizations BRIDGE and OxYGen, as well as Oxfam’s own Policy & Practice.

The paper focuses on distilling the project experience in a way that may have value for other project and programme teams supporting national level influencing. Rather than the project’s achievements, which are covered in the evaluation summary, the emphasis is on lessons learned about how to support national influencing.