The SmartAG Partner: CCAFS East Africa Quarterly Newsletter, January - March 2018


Policy News

  1. Setting an innovative vision for transforming agriculture and food security under climate variability and change in East Africa
    Catherine Mungai and Maren Radeny

  2. How Ethiopia’s social safety net programme leads to climate change mitigation cobenefits
    Dawit Solomon, Dominic Woolf, Lili Szilagyi and Catherine Mungai

  3. Climate services in agriculture: What are the costs and benefits of investment for Africa?
    Lili Szilagyi and Catherine Munga

Science NEWS

  1. Woman to woman: Women scientists share how their work is helping women and girls succeed in agriculture
    Kathlee Freeman

  2. Lushoto District Climate Change Learning Alliance reveals priorities for land restoration
    Perez Muchunguzi and Caroline Mwongera


  1. Africa Environment Day: CCAFS celebrates progress in Tanzania, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Senegal
    Catherine Mungai, Dansira Dembele and Marissa Van Epp

  2. Increasing farmers’ food security with improved manure management practices in Nyando
    Lili Szilagyi and John Recha

  3. The climate-smart way of transforming agriculture in Africa
    Lili Szilagy

  4. 8 new projects join forces to scale climatesmart agriculture
    Marissa Van Epp

  5. Addressing climate risks through improved potato production in Lushoto ClimateSmart Villages, Tanzania
    John Recha, Maren Radeny and Stephen Kuoko

  6. Climate-smart agriculture is the future for smallholder farmers in Africa
    Lili Szilagy

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