SIDA Information Brief: Health and linkages to Climate Change and Environment

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The human-induced negative impact on the environment results in death, diseases and injuries, impacting the quality of life, reducing productivity, and burden the health systems. The impact is unevenly distributed and effects poor people, already living under vulnerable conditions, even worse since they depend more directly on natural resources and services that nature provides for their wellbeing.

Hence, a healthy environment will contribute to both improved health, poverty reduction and economic and social development. The interlinkages are indeed complex and differs depending on region in the world, between urban and rural areas, between coast and inland, etc., but the overall message is simple: how the environment is managed and used has a clear and obvious impact on the health of present and future generations'. However, more research is needed to better understand, monitor, prevent and respond to existing and emerging environmental risks to health.

This brief aims to highlight some of the linkages between health, environment and climate change that could be relevant for consideration in the management of Sida-supported programmes and among Sida's partner organisations.