Self-assessment tool: Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality & Accountability, V1.3 - 6 July 2016

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Revised self-assessment tool and improvement plan guidelines to support those applying the CHS

A revised self-assessment tool is now available for organisations measuring their application of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS). A self-assessment is the first step organisations should take when committing to apply the CHS. All CHS Alliance members must conduct a self-assessment and have a quality and accountability framework in place within two years of becoming a member. Non-members can also do a self-assessment to find out valuable information about their progress in applying the CHS.

The self-assessment tool gives guidance and advice about the process, as well as templates for an organisation to collect information, document evidence and present results. At the end of the exercise, organisations will have a comprehensive picture of their strengths and weaknesses in applying the CHS, and an idea of where to focus resources to continuously improve.

Information for CHS Alliance members

Self-assessment follows a two-year cycle. After doing a self-assessment, members are asked to communicate any learning linked to the tool to the Alliance. The next year, members report to the Alliance on progress made against an improvement plan. Two years after the initial self-assessment, members perform another self-assessment and analyse the differences and progress made.

Improvement plan guidelines

The CHS Alliance has also developed improvement plan guidelines to help organisations who have carried out a self-assessment, develop and implement an improvement plan. This guide can also be useful for any organisation that has conducted a baseline assessment against the CHS and aims to strengthen its policies and practices on quality and accountable programmes.

The improvement plan guidelines will help:

  1. Analyse and understand the results of self-assessment;
  2. Prioritise actions to include in an improvement plan;
  3. Write, resource, approve and submit an improvement plan; and
  4. Implement and monitor an improvement plan.