Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2282 (2016) on Review of United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture

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7680th Meeting (AM)
Security Council
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Expressing deep concern about the high human cost and suffering caused by armed conflict, the Security Council stressed today that a comprehensive approach to transitional justice and an accountable security sector were critical to consolidating peace, reducing poverty and preventing countries from relapsing into conflict.

Taking action on the report of the Peacebuilding Commission on its ninth session (document A/70/714-S/2016/115), the 15-member Council unanimously adopted resolution 2282 (2016) on post-conflict peacebuilding.

By that resolution, the Council urged the Peacebuilding Commission to hold a regular exchange of views with relevant regional and subregional organizations. It also requested that the Secretary-General explore options for strengthening collaboration between the United Nations and the World Bank in conflict-affected countries.

Also by that text, the Council underlined that the scale and nature of peace challenges could be met through close strategic and operational partnerships among national Governments, the United Nations and other key stakeholders.

Welcoming the input of the experts on “The Challenge of Sustaining Peace: Report of the Advisory Group of Experts on the Review of the United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture”, the Council emphasized that sustaining peace required coherence, engagement and coordination among the General Assembly, Security Council and the Economic and Social Council.

It also emphasized the important role that effective and responsive leadership in country operations could play in bringing the United Nations system together around a common strategy for sustaining peace. It further emphasized the need for predictable and sustained financing for peacebuilding activities, urging all Member States, including non-traditional donors and other partners, to consider making voluntary contributions to the Peacebuilding Fund.

Underscoring the importance of women’s leadership and participation in preventing and resolving conflict, as well as in building peace, the Council encouraged the Secretary-General to promote the gender dimensions of peacebuilding. It also called upon Member States and United Nations organs and other entities to increase meaningful and inclusive participation by young people in peacebuilding efforts.

The Council took note of the General Assembly’s decision to convene a high-level meeting on efforts undertaken and opportunities to strengthen the work of the United Nations, at its seventy-second session, under the agenda item “Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace”.

In a separate meeting today, the General Assembly also adopted the report of the Peacebuilding Commission on its ninth session.

The meeting began at 10 a.m. and ended at 10:04 a.m.