Satellite mapping overview as of 25 February 2014

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This service summarizes current satellite mapping activities of interest to GDACS stakeholders. It is issued weekly and based on contributions from map-producing entities and GDACS partners.


Burundi floods – GLIDE number: FL-2014-000019-BDI

Burundi experienced torrential rainfall from 09 to 10 February 2014 that caused flash flooding as well as landslides and resulted in substantial damage and destruction, particularly in the capital of Bujumbura. The UNITAR Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT) subsequently activated the International Charter Space and Major Disasters on behalf of UNOCHA on 11 February 2014. UNITAR/UNOSAT recently analyzed satellite imagery of Bujumbura from 14 February 2014 and identified at least 76 destroyed structures in the Kinama area. Approximately 553 hectares of area with 1,730 houses or structures appear to be affected by mud and water flow in the Kinama and Kamenge neighborhoods of Bujumbura and about 1,140 hectares with 10,000 houses or structures have potentially been impacted by the waters. Due to haze, the image quality is poor and therefore affected areas and destroyed structures in Bujumbura may be underestimated. Maps are available for online viewing at the International Charter Space and Major Disasters’ website. Products can also be accessed as PDFs on UNITAR/UNOSAT’s website.

Source: UNITAR/UNOSAT, International Charter Space and Major Disasters