Safeguarding Healthcare Monthly News Brief - Attacks on healthcare, January 2019

from Insecurity Insight
Published on 31 Jan 2019 View Original

Emergency care

Incidents of threats and violence affecting emergency health care


Democratic Republic of the Congo

11 January 2019: In Marabo town, Ituri province, local taxi drivers and other residents opposed to the construction of an Ebola isolation centre threw rocks at NGO health workers. Source: ACLED1


22 January 2019: In Hawlwadag district, Banadir region, a government ambulance was struck by an al Shabaab owned remotecontrolled IED. An unknown number of fatalities and injuries resulted from the attack. Source: ACLED


09 January 2019: In Omdurman city, Khartoum state, as antigovernment protests continued, state security forces stormed the Omdurman Hospital and fired tear gas and bullets at the facility, where injured protesters were being treated. Security forces broke into the emergency department, where they used teargas against doctors, and attacked patients. This incident prompted doctors to declare a general strike to protest the attack. Source: Sudan Tribune (a) and Sudan Tribune (b)

Middle-East and North Africa


16 January 2019: In Rafah city, North Sinai region, Islamic State militants set fire to two ambulances and a hospital during a clash with soldiers. Source: ACLED

Occupied Palestinian Territories

03 January 2019: In Nablus city, West Bank, a paramedic was injured when Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters outside what is believed to be ‘Joseph’s tomb’. Israeli forces used tear gas, rubber bullets and heavy ammunition to disperse protesters, injuring a Palestinian paramedic. Source: ACLED

25 January 2019: In the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinians gathered for the 44th week of protests along the border of Israeli