The Safe Schools Declaration: A Framework For Action [EN/AR]



This Framework for Action seeks to provide governments with a non-exhaustive list of suggestions, recommendations, and examples that can assist them as they determine the appropriate way to implement the commitments made through endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration. It can also assist other interested parties, such as international or national organizations,which are working in a field that is of relevance to the Safe Schools Declaration (protection, education, international law) and which may be involved in advocating for endorsement or implementation of the Declaration.

This Framework for Action is not meant as an exhaustive list of steps to take to implement the Safe Schools Declaration. It acknowledges that the various commitments contained in the Safe Schools Declaration represent different realities and opportunities for action depending on the particular context, capacity, and role of each endorsing state. For this reason, the Framework for Action gives an overviewof a broad range of possible actions – policy, financial, programmatic, political – and compiles examples and key resources that may be of further use as guidance or inspiration. GCPEA encourages states to consider the full range of guiding questions, recommendations, and examples, regardless ofwhether their armed forces are presently directly involved in hostilities.

GCPEA will continue to document good practices in the protection of students, teachers, and schools from attack and military use, particularly concrete measures and practices that will emerge over the coming months and years, as more and more states start to implement the Safe Schools Declaration and use the Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict (“the Guidelines”). New examples of good practices will be featured on GCPEA’s website.