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Restoring Hope in Times of Crisis: Good Neighbors Global Annual Report 2021



“Good Neighbors: Empowering People, Transforming Communities” – Shortly after the declaration of GN Vision 2030, COVID-19 appeared on the world stage, which put the brakes not only on achieving our Vision but also on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Natural disasters related to climate change and economic and political issues occurring even before signs that the pandemic was losing steam, further exacerbated poverty and inequality among the most vulnerable children and residents.

In times of crisis, particularly children bear the brunt of human rights violations and inequality. It’s at times like these we seek to solidify the fundamental belief that “Good Neighbors changes the village, and the village protects the children.” Our Community Development Projects focused on strengthening the social and economic capabilities of residents, enhancing their resilience to disaster and climate crisis. Nutrition, basic education, medical care, and drinking water were provided to 221,706 sponsored children in 197 CDPs. Last year, comprehensive support from Good Neighbors reached 7.7 million children and adults.

Good Neighbors did not work alone in bringing these changes to local communities. We work and cooperate actively with governments, UN agencies, and our other global partners to address a variety of global issues and achieve the SDGs. We are grateful for the support and cooperation of our partner organizations and their expertise and passion.

In the previous year, we implemented every project using the Good Neighbors Global Development Approach (GN GDA), our strategic direction and result chain. This annual report is the outcome of that work. However, I hope this report will reach beyond providing numerical proof of our efforts to conveying the stories of change and hope that our neighbors now feel.

The realities we still face seem insurmountable. The effects of climate change are expected to become more severe, and the Ukraine are expected to need a long time to recover from the destruction of the Russian invasion of 2022. Yet, we must remain resolute that “Empowering People, Transforming Communities,” remains our direction. We are committed to continuing to step forward with other good neighbors as together we create a sustainable future for all. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Good Neighbors members around the world who share our heart and vision.

Minho Choi, Secretary General

Good Neighbors Global Partnership Center