Resource Guide for Advanced Learning on Understanding the Climate Change and Health Interface

from UN Institute for Training and Research
Published on 31 Jan 2013 View Original

1.1 About the Series of Resource Guides

This Guide is part of a series of Resource Guides developed through UN CC:Learn1 to facilitate access to existing state-of-the-art materials relevant for climate change learning on particular topics. The Guides are written from the perspective of a learner seeking to obtain an understanding of the topic and consider use of relevant learning materials. The references cited in each Guide collectively contribute to the compi- lation of Advanced Learning Packages on Priority Topics of Climate Change (ALPs). ALPs compiled under UN CC:Learn cover selected climate change topics that have been identified as a priority from a country perspective. Based on an analysis of existing learning resources, development of further materials may be initiated in order to fill gaps.

The learning resources presented in this Resource Guide are drawn primarily from within the UN and part- ners to UN CC:Learn. Resources published by other recognized international and other organizations are provided in Annex 1. UN CC:Learn is not responsible for the content of these third-party resources and their mention does not imply that these have been endorsed or recommended by UN CC:Learn.