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Reporting Sexual Violence Monthly News Brief - March 2021

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Sexual violence by state bodies or conflict actors that particularly targets IDPs and refugees, aid, health workers or educators or students among others.

This Monthly News Brief bears testimony to the brave survivors who speak about sexual violence by state bodies or conflict actors. Most events of sexual violence are never reported. This compilation is neither complete nor representative of the extent or nature of sexual violence in general. It brings together dispersed accounts about survivors from around the world who broke the silence.

Past editions: February 2021; January 2021

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Reporting Sexual Violence
By state bodies or conflict actors and affecting IDPs and refugees, aid, health workers or educators.

Central African Republic
Around 03 March 2021: In Boukoko village, Mbaiki territory, Lobaye region, a girl was raped by Russian Wagner Group militia men. Source: ACLED

19 March 2021: Near Bemaide village, Paoua territory, Ouham Pende region, a woman was raped by armed men affiliated to the Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC). Source: ACLED

Democratic Republic of the Congo
02 March 2021: In Rubare village, Rutshuru territory, North Kivu, a woman was kidnapped and raped by five unidentified men whilst working in the field. The perpetrators demanded a ransom for the woman’s release. Source: Kivu Security

08 March 2021: In Mukumba village, Nyunzu territory, Tanganyika province, five women were abducted and kept as sex slaves by Twa militia. The women were released four days later in Mulolwa village. Source: Radio Okapi

Sexual Violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region
On 4 November 2020, the Ethiopian army began a military offensive against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Four months later the ongoing conflict has killed thousands of civilians, displaced over two million, forced thousands of refugees to flee to Sudan, and caused widespread destruction. This document by Insecurity insight analyses a sample of 36 reported incidents of sexual violence that occurred in Tigray region between November 2020 and March 2021. Among this sample, 106 women and girls were affected by sexual violence and at least 144 different perpetrators were involved. Access this data on HDX.

19 March 2021: A Global Fund investigation has found that executives of Ghanaian organisation “Ghana Network Association of People Living with HIV (NAP+)” have demanded sex acts and money in exchange for access to benefits. Nine programme participants have reported being sexually exploited and abused by NAP+ executives. All but one of the accused have denied the allegations. Sources: Global Fund and Reuters

South Sudan
18 March 2021: In Makur-Aric residential area, Rumbek County, Lakes States, a group of women disarmed and beat two soldiers who attacked and attempted to rape a woman in the area. Source: Eye Radio

27 February 2021: In Ayour Bari neighbourhood, Saraf Omra town, North Darfur, a 45-year-old displaced woman was raped by five gunmen whilst fetching firewood. Source: Dabanga Sudan

06 March 2021: In Taohua town, Changshou district, Chongqing municipality, a female human rights defender was sexually harassed by police officers inside a police station. Her back and arms were bruised while resisting. Source: ACLED

Around 03 March 2021: In Alwar city and district, Rajasthan state, a woman was detained and raped for three days by a police officer after going to the police station to file a complaint against her husband. Source: ACLED

Around 23 March 2020: In Samba city, Samba district, Jammu and Kashmir union territory, a Muslim Bakarwal community family were assaulted and female family members were sexually assaulted by 50 Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members. Source: ACLED

The Americas
16 March 2020: In Soacha city and municipality, Cundinamarca department, a non-binary member of the trans community was sexually abused by police officers after being arrested for inconsistencies in their ID number. Source: ACLED

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