Report of the Secretary-General on women and peace and security (S/2018/900)

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I. Introduction

  1. The present report is submitted pursuant to the presidential statement dated 26 October 2010 (S/PRST/2010/22), in which the Security Council requested annual reports on the implementation of resolution 1325 (2000) and resolution 2122 (2013), and called for updates on progress, challenges and gaps across all areas of the women and peace and security agenda. While highlighting notable achievements and trends over the past year, the report provides an account of the continued weak delivery on key commitments and draws attention to areas of stagnation or regression. The report shows that significant challenges persist with regard to the meaningful participation of women in conflict resolution. We continue to witness devastating failures to respect international human rights and humanitarian law across conflicts, particularly with regard to grave violations of women’s human rights. In many settings, justice, recourse and reparation remain out of reach. Women and girls also remain unable to access essential services and livelihood opportunities, placing them at increased risk and threatening the short- and long-term resilience of communities. These developments, and the increasing threats against women’s human rights defenders, fundamentally undermine global efforts to prevent conflict and sustain peace.

  2. In 2020, the United Nations, Member States, regional organizations and civil society will mark the twentieth anniversary of the adoption of resolution 1325 (2000).
    The lead-up to this milestone, and the anniversary itself, provide important opportunities to highlight and appraise progress and revise strategies to deliver results ahead of and beyond 2020. Based upon my commitment last year (see S/2017/861) and in preparation for 2020, the present report features a special focus on the meaningful participation and representation of women in peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements. Details are provided on trends, good practices and challenges in this area, and recommendations offered to address the continued underrepresentation of women in efforts aimed at resolving conflict. The report then provides updates and progress across indicators for women, peace and security; recommendations of the three 2015 peace and security reviews, including the global study on the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 (2000); and the implementation of resolution 2242 (2015).

  3. The report is based on data and analysis provided by entities of the United Nations system, including peace operations and country teams; inputs from Member States, regional organizations and civil society; and analysis of other globally recognized data sources.