Report of 20-Year History of ADRC

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1. Outline of Asian Disaster Reduction Center

  • 1) Background of Establishment
    (1) International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) (2) World Conference on International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (3) Ministerial-level Asian Natural Disaster Reduction Conference

  • 2) Organization
    (1) Articles of ADRC (2) Member Countries

  • 3) Primary Policies
    (1) Missions and Objectives (2) Main Activities

2. Main Activities of ADRC

  • 1) Information Sharing - Learning from disasters, benefiting from information
    (1) Organization of Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR) (2) Publishing Up-to-Date Disaster Information and Sharing Experiences for a Safer Asia (3) Development and Application of the Global Unique Disaster IDEntifier Number (GLIDE) System (4) Transmitting Images of Disaster affected Areas and Offering Image Analysis Technique

  • 2) Human Resource Development - Disaster Risk Reduction begins with Capacity Building
    (1) Implementation of a Program to Invite Researchers from Member Countries (2) DRR Seminars and Training Courses (3) Implementation of Short-term Training

  • 3) Building Disaster Resilient Community - Community Involvement is a Key to Effective DRR
    (1) Development of Tsunami Awareness Educational Materials “Inamura-no-hi” (2) Town Watching for Disaster Risk Reduction

  • 4) Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations, and NGOs
    (1) Cooperative Projects with Member Countries (2) ADRC Peer Review Project (3) Support for DRR Measures in Member Countries (4) Disaster Damage Surveys in Asia (5) Support for the International Recovery Platform (IRP)

3. Annexes

Annex 1: Articles of the Asian Disaster Reduction Center A-3
Annex 2: List of Main Activities (1998-20117) A-5
Annex 3: Main Publications A-22
Annex 4: List of Staff Members A-30

Asian Disaster Reduction Center
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