Regional Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination (UN-CMCoord) - Operational Guidance on the Interaction with Armed Actors in the Context of the COVID-19 Response for Asia-Pacific Region


This Regional Operational Guidance contextualizes and complements the Global UN-CMCoord Guidance on the Interaction with Armed Actors during the COVID-19 Response in the Asia-Pacific Region. It also considers guidance on the Ebola Response in 2014, the SARS outbreak from 2002 -2003 Lessons Learned, as well as the APC-MADRO and country-specific guidance when applicable and other relevant documents.

Aim and scope

1 This regional guidance note addresses the interaction between humanitarian actors and domestic (and foreign) Armed Actors that are/might be deployed in support of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Asia Pacific Region. It serves the purpose of giving operational recommendations to humanitarians and armed actors involved in responding to the outbreak.

2 This guidance aims to support the decision making processes of humanitarians, including the need to balance operational requirements and the community’s short- and long-term perceptions of aid workers’ adherence to humanitarian principles.


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