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Regional Briefing on National Adaptation Plans: Africa in focus


This briefing aims to provide a brief overview of NAP experiences in African developing countries, highlighting emerging issues, challenges and opportunities.

In brief

  • Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have begun to integrate adaptation into national development plans and climate change policies.

  • Almost all the focus countries considered in this regional briefing have initiated the process to formulate and implement the NAP.

  • All I/NDCs in the countries in focus include an adaptation component.

  • Challenges are ongoing; particularly regarding the integration of climate change adaptation (CCA) into developmental and financial planning across sectors and scales.

  • The process of integrating adaptation into development planning processes would be further strengthened by enhancing high-level political support, institutional coordination and effective engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, including the private sector and vulnerable communities.

  • Identifying sufficient financing for adaptation has been a challenge; however, NAPs can provide an opportunity to catalyse both national and international finance.

  • Increasing the capacity to collect, analyse, store and disseminate climate data will strengthen decision-making for NAPs.

  • Further effort is required to enhance the engagement of the private sector, and to fully address the requirements of the most vulnerable communities.