Refugee Funding Tracker: Inter-agency financial portal for refugee assistance programmes, including Refugee Response Plans

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The Refugee Response Financial Tracking (RRFT) was developed by UNHCR and rolled out in 2019 as a “One stop shop” platform compiling all financial data related to refugee programmes.

Data available includes funding received by agencies involved in refugee response as well as budgets for refugee-related appeals and plans such as Country and Regional Refugee Response Plans (RRPs).

The RRFT is a great improvement compared to previous years where financial data related to refugee response was scattered across several online data systems.

Where does the data come from ?

The RRFT compiles data from four different data sources. UNHCR budget and funding data is automatically uploaded on the dashboard for all operations. All UN agencies and NGOs can report funding, respectively through the OCHA Financial Tracking Service or the RRFT Form.

Agencies that are appealing for funds within a RRP have the obligation to report at least on a monthly basis on the funds they have received against their requirements.
Reporting on funding received is essential to be able to provide an accurate picture of the funding gaps for the host Government, donors and partners throughout the year.