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Red Cross Red Crescent activities on migration and displacement in Middle East and North Africa - Snapshot 2021 [EN/AR]


The Red Cross and Red Crescent Middle East & North Africa Migration Network (MENA Migration Network) has been established in March 2021 by 15 Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, the IFRC MENA Regional Office and the ICRC Near Middle East Regional Office.

The Network aims to strengthen and share expertise and experiences of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies working with and for migrants including refugees, their families, host communities, in order to better address their protection and assistance needs, identify humanitarian concerns, enhance their resilience, and strengthen regional coordination and the impact of the RCRC Movement on Migration.

The MENA Migration Network works alongside the Movement partners to share expertise and experiences of its members in countries of origin, transit, destination and return. It works through shared vision and objectives, to provide strategic guidance around capacity development including activities such as peer-to-peer learning, evidence generation and knowledge management, coordination and advocacy and engagement in the delivery of innovative services and programmes.

The MENA Migration Network is a regional space for a better coordination and interaction on migration with the movement partners and other relevant organizations included but not limited to UN Agencies and/or local and International NGO.