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The Reality of Aid 2018: The Changing Faces of Development Aid and Cooperation

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1 The Reality of Aid Network

3 Acknowledgments

5 Preface

7 Political Overview

The Changing Faces of Aid: Encouraging Global Justice or Buttressing Inequalities?

The Reality of Aid Network International Coordinating Committee

31 Chapter 1: ODA, IFIs and the Private Sector

**33 Development Finance Institutions: The (in)coherence of their investments in private healthcare companies

Benjamin M. Hunter, King’s College London; Anna Marriott, Oxfam GB

45 ODA and private sector resources to achieve the SDGs: The Ugandan case

Juliet Akello, Uganda Debt Network

53 The Shortcoming of Blended Financing in Development Cooperation within the Energy Sector in Cameroon: Show-casing the Dibamba Thermal Power Project

Charles Linjap, Investment Watch

63 International Finance Institutions: A focus on the private sector in North East India’s development challenges

Jiten Yumnam, Centre for Research and Advocacy, Manipur

79 The World Bank in Africa: An analysis of World Bank aid and programmes in Africa and their impact

Nahashon Gulali, ITRD Consulting Group and the Lending for Education in Africa Partnership Programme

93 Chapter 2: ODA, Security, and Migration

95 Rising Militarism: Implications for Development Aid and Cooperation in Asia Pacific

The Reality of Aid - Asia Pacific

118 Aiding Militarization: Role of South Korea’s ODA in “Peacekeeping” Activities in Asia

Youngah Lee, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy – South Korea

126 Militarization of Palestinian Aid

Nora Lester Murad and Alaa Tartir, Aid Watch Palestine

134 Development Cooperation, Militarism and Conflict in the Contiguous Areas of Bangladesh, North East India and Myanmar

Jiten Yumnam, Center for Research and Advocacy Manipur

149 Development Ground Zero: Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar

Council for People’s Development and Governance

156 Migration and Integrity of ODA as a Resource in Sub-Saharan Africa

David Ugolor and Leo Atakpu, ANEEJ

167 Chapter 3: ODA and responding to the acute challenges of climate change

169 The Need for a Climate-related Official Development Assistance (CODA) Framework to Improve Climate Finance Status Quo

S. Jahangir Hasan Masum, Coastal Development Partnership, Bangladesh

178 Off the tracks: Lack of climate finance could derail developing world’s ability to adapt to changing climate

Jon Sward, Bretton Woods Project

186 EU Should reconsider its approach to climate finance

Mattias Söderberg, Dan Church Aid

195 Chapter 4: Global Aid Trends, BRICS Reports, OECD Reports

197 Global Aid Trends in the Reality of Aid 2018: Growing diversions of ODA and a diminished resource for the SDGs

293 BRICS Reports

293 Brazil

Measuring Brazilian South-South cooperation through a participatory approach

Luara Lopes and Juliana Costa, ASUL – South-South Cooperation Research and Policy Center

302 One step forward, two steps back: Brazil’s impact in aid and international cooperation

Ana Cernov, Human Rights Activist and Independent Consultant, Brazil

309 China

The Case of China’s Development Co-operation in Infrastructural Development in Angola and Kenya

Vitalice Meja, Reality of Aid Africa

324 OECD Reports

324 Belgium

More with less

Griet Ysewyn, Lien Vandamme, Emma Bossuyt, 11.11.11; Antoinette Van Haute, CNCD-11.11.11

332 Canada

Challenged by Ambition

Gavin Charles and Fraser Reilly-King, Canadian Council for International Co-operation

341 European Union

The modernisation of European development cooperation: leaving no one behind?

Alexandra Rosen, CONCORD Europe

348 France

Will Emmanuel Macron Make French Aid Great Again?

Michael Siegel, Oxfam France

352 Germany

Germany’s Engagement in Development: Struggling with ODA, migration and security interests at the European level

Dr. Martina Fischer, Bread for the World

361 Italy

Development cooperation to the test in a new political reality

Luca de Fraia, Action Aid Italy

365 Japan

Emphasizing SDGs but Increased Instrumentalisation Under the New Development Cooperation Charter

Akio Takayanagi, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)

352 The Netherlands

A mixed message on ODA

Daniela Rosche, Oxfam Novib

384 Norway

What next for the long-standing champion of high aid levels?

Irene Dotterud-Flaa, Save the Children Norway

393 Switzerland

Decreasing ODA funds, increasingly spent on migration and public-private partnerships

Eva Schmassmann and Jürg Staudenmann, Alliance Sud

399 United Kingdom

“Aid in the national interest” – in the interest of the poorest?

Mike Green, Bond

405 USA

The challenges and opportunities of US Foreign Assistance under Trump

Tariq Ahmad, Marc Cohen, Nathan Coplin, Aria Grabowski, Oxfam America

415 Glossary of Aid Terms

423 RoA Members Directory