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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief September 2021

Situation Report
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Safety, security and access incidents

Incidents of threats and violence in refugee and IDP settings.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

06 September 2021: In Djugu town, Ituri province, 10 female IDPs were raped by members of an armed militia. The victims were taken to a local hospital supported by UNHCR to receive medical care and psychological support. Source: UN


01 September 2021: In Mamdi department, Lac state, seven refugees were abducted overnight from an IDP camp by suspected Boko Haram militants. Source: ACLED1 05 September 2021: Near Dankoj village, three female Sudanese refugees were attacked by unidentified perpetrators whilst returning to the refugee camp they were living in, after working on farmland in the area. The women were blocked by the perpetrators on the road and then severely beaten before being taken to the health centre of the refugee camp. One of the victims was taken to a hospital, where she later died. Source: Radio Dabanga


As reported on 16 September 2021: Around Zelasle and Ziban Gedena village, Semien Mi’irabawi Zone, Tigray region, a 27-year-old Eritrean refugee and her 17-year-old sister were reportedly raped by Tigrayan fighters as they were marched, along with other refugees, back to Hitsats refugee camp.
Refugees were also shot at and attacked with grenades. Source: Reuters As reported on 16 September 2021: At Shimelba refugee camp, Semien Mi’irabawi Zone, Tigray region, four Eritrean refugees were reportedly raped by Eritrean forces. At least one refugee was also killed. Source: Reuters As reported on 16 September 2021: In Adi Harush and Mai Aini refugee camps, Tigray region,
Tigrayan forces have reportedly taken control of the camps, and refugees have reported killings and lootings. Source: Reuters

South Sudan

07 September 2021: Along the road between Ezo and Tamubra, Western Equatoria state, a male IDP was killed and two other IDPs were abducted by gunmen. Six other IDPs escaped the attack.
There is no further information on the victims whereabouts. Source: Eye Radio 10 September 2021: In Bentiu city, Guit county, Unity state, fighting involving sharp objects, such as knives and wooden sticks, erupted between gangs of unemployed youths over a young girl who was being contested by the same groups at the Bentiu IDP Camp. One of the youths was killed.
Three suspects have since been arrested by police. Source: Radio Tamazuj 22 September 2021: In Gamunakpee area, Tambura county, Western Equatoria state, two female IDPs from a nearby IDP camp were abducted by unidentified perpetrators whilst they were searching for food. One of the victims was freed shortly after whilst the other victim was taken to the perpetrator’s base and interrogated about the whereabouts of other men. After the interrogation, she was also released and returned on foot. Source: Eye Radio


07 September 2021: Near Niertiti town, Gharb Jabal Marrah locality, Central Darfur state, two IDP farmers were assaulted and their livestock looted by three armed perpetrators. Source: ACLED1 15 September 2021: In the Goz Mata area, near Nierteti town, Central Darfur state, a female IDP farmer from the North Nierteti IDP camp was killed by armed herders after being attacked with sticks and axes. Her daughter and mother were also injured. Source: Radio Dabanga 18 September 2021: In the Tabukino area, North Darfur state, a male IDP farmer was shot by gunmen whilst working on his farm. The perpetrators arrived on camels and threatened the victim before shooting him. He was taken to a local hospital where he died later. Source: Radio Dabanga 19 September 2021: In Jaref Ombari, near Tur, Central Darfur state, a 15-year-old male IDP was injured by a stray bullet when a group of armed men attacked farmers. The perpetrators beat up the farmers and stole livestock and mobile phones. Source: Radio Dabanga