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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief June 2021

Situation Report
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Safety, security and access incidents in refugee and IDP settings
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Central African Republic
05 June 2021: On the outskirts of Bambari town, Ouaka prefecture, Central African troops entered the Elevage Camp and ordered IDPs to leave the site immediately amidst clashes with rebel groups. Guns were fired into the air, leading residents to panic and vacate the area. Locals subsequently looted goats and mattresses belonging to those displaced. The camp was then burned down, and tents and shops destroyed. A health post run by MSF was also completely destroyed. Sources: Journal de Bangui, MSF, and MSF Western & Central Africa

Around 09 June 2021: In Nguia-Bouar town, Nana-Mambere prefecture, an IDP camp was attacked by 3R rebels from CPC (Coalition of Patriots for Change). Source: ACLED1

Democratic Republic of the Congo
30-31 May 2021: In Boga village, Irumu territory, Ituri province, and Tchabi village, North Kivu province, suspected ADF militiamen set ablaze over 70 shelters and stores at the Rubingo III IDP Site, leaving 30 IDPs and seven children dead. 25 IDPs were abducted and property was looted. Sources: Al Jazeera, OCHA, UN News and UNHCR

01 June 2021: In Bahema Boga chieftaincy, Irumu territory, Ituri province, 11 shelters within an IDP site were set ablaze, allegedly by inhabitants of another IDP camp in Boga village. Inhabitants of the Boga village camp are claimed to have sought retribution for a deadly attack on 30-31 May on their own IDP camp. As a result of the attacks, four IDP sites in the area were emptied as IDPs fled to more secure areas. Source: **Radio Okapi **

07 June 2021: In North Kivu province, an LNGO accused local officials in Rutshuru territory of misappropriating humanitarian aid in the form of food supplies which had been originally destined to help IDPs in Goma. Source: Radio Moto

25 June 2021: In Bukiringi village, Walendu Bindi chieftaincy, Irumu territory, Ituri province, a vehicle transporting IDPs was targeted in an ambush by ADF rebels, resulting in four dead and five severely injured. Source: Actualité

Around 01 June 2021: According to the UNHCR report, a Mozambican woman was forced to give birth with no medical care while being deported from Tanzania back to Mozambique. Source: Cabo Ligado Weekly

10 June 2021: In Pemba town, Cabo Delgado province, the Mozambican Red Cross reportedly said it would no longer accept beneficiary lists from local officials due to a lack of transparency from government officials and accusations from IDPs that lists had been used to divert aid to local patrimonial networks.. Source: Cabo Delgado Weekly and Club of Mozambique

17 June 2021: At Quitunda village, Cabo Delgado province, a makeshift settlement was raided and IDPs property looted by government forces. Source: Cabo Ligado Weekly

14 June 2021: In Kibi region, Central Darfur state, two IDPs living in the North Camp Centre 7 in Nierteti, were shot and injured by two armed men wearing military uniforms riding a motorcycle. The perpetrators also stole sheep. Source: Dabanga Sudan


18 June 2021: At Tirunelveli village, Tirunelveli district, Taamil Nadu state, the Subramaniyapuram Sri Lanka refugee camp was stormed by six men from the caste Hindus of Munneerpallam village who attacked and injured two refugees and a Dalit youth, allegedly in response to previous intercommunal hostilities. Sources: ACLED1, India Today and New India Express


03 June 2021: The Danish Parliament adopted a new legislation to open asylum centres outside Europe, where applicants for international protection would be flown to as their application is processed in Denmark. The plan, according to the European Commission, violates existing EU asylum rules. If the application is approved and the applicant is granted international protection, the beneficiary would be given the right to live in the host country, but not in Denmark. Sources: Danish Refugee Council and The New Arab

04 June 2021: On the outskirts of Calais city, French security forces dismantled a temporary camp in abandoned industrial buildings housing hundreds of mostly young men. Source: The New Arab

03 June 2021: The Greek Government is set to use EU-provided cannons, which emit a high-pitched sound as loud as a jet engine, to detect the movement of migrants entering Greece via the Evros River along the Greek-Turkish border. Source: The New Arab

Middle East and North Africa

As reported on 03 June 2021: In Al Anbar and Nineveh governorates, the Iraqi Government is set to close the last two remaining IDP camps in government-controlled territory. In the past seven months, the government closed 16 other camps, leaving at least 24,801 IDPs without assurances that they could safely return to their homes. Source: The New Arab

04 June 2021: In Duhok governorate, a short circuit triggered a fire at the Sharia Camp. 250 out of 400 tents were completely destroyed and 25 people injured. Source: The New Arab

05 June 2021: In Makhmur town and district, Erbil governorate, a Turkish drone targeted a kindergarten near a school, in a UN-supported camp for Kurdish IDPs, killing three civilians and wounding two more. Sources: Airwars, France 24 and The New Arab

As reported on 17 June 2021: In Tripoli, guards at the Mabani and Abu Salim detention centres have subjected asylum seekers and refugees to repeated beatings and other acts of violence, causing at least 19 to suffer from fractures, bruises, cuts, abrasions and blunt trauma. Sources: AP, MSF, The Guardian, The New Arab I and The New Arab II

As reported on June 20 2021: In Tripoli, five female asylum-seekers, aged between 15 to 18-years-old, were sexually assaulted by guards in Shara al-Zawiya detention center. The victims said that they had to submit to sexual assault in exchange for using the bathroom, calling family or simply to avoid being beaten by the guards. Source: AP News

Occupied Palestinian Territories
01 June 2021: Al Al Quds - Mukhayyam Shuafat refugee camp was raided by undercover Israeli military forces who fired tear gas canisters, assaulted Palestinian civilians and arrested three people. Source: ACLED1

Syrian Arab Republic
03 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, an Iraqi minor was shot dead by gunmen in the second section of the camp. Source: ACLED1

07 June 2021: In al Ra’ie town, Aleppo governorate, an IDP male was killed as a result of a suicide bomber attack targeting a local market. Seven civilians were also injured. Source:**SNHR**

09 June 2021: Near al Sawaghiya village, Idlib governorate, Syrian artillery units fired a shell at al Abrar IDP Camp, damaging a number of tents including two serving as a school and a mosque. Source:**SNHR**

11 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, a man was killed with a silencer gun by gunmen believed to be IS, while he was leaving the mosque in the fourth section of the camp after Friday prayers. Source: ACLED1 and SNHR

17 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, 15 women were arrested by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after a hole dug in the camp was found. Source: ACLED1

23 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, an Iraqi refugee was shot in the head and killed by IS in the third section of the camp. Sources: ACLED1 and The New Arab

25 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, a female Russian national suffered a murder attempt by wives of suspected IS fighters in the IS family’s area of the camp. Source: Liveuamap

26 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, a 36-year-old Iraqi IDP was shot dead by suspected IS militants. Source: Liveuamap

28 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, the bodies of two female sisters were found in the fifth section of the camp. Source: SNHR

29 June 2021: At Hol Camp, Al Hasakah governorate, a male IDP was shot dead by gunmen in the fourth section of the camp. Source: SNHR