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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief - January 2020

Situation Report
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Burkina Faso

January 2020: Across the country, over half a million IDPs remain in need of aid, as humanitarian groups struggle to operate with limited resources. Source: TNH


11 January 2020: In Extreme-Nord region, Ndaba IDP camp was attacked by Boko Haram. A 57-year-old male IDP was injured. Source: Sembe TV

Central African Republic

Between 17-20 January 2020: In Kamoun village, IDP camps, including Tambay 1, 2 and 3, Djamal 1 and 4, and Tango 1 and 2 in Birao town, were attacked by Movement of Central African Liberators for Justice (MLCJ) rebels who destroyed the camp and sanitation facilities. Source: Corbeau News

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Around 28 January 2020: In Ituri province, militia attacks on villages forced hundreds of IDPs to flee to Uganda. Source: Al Jazeera


02 January 2020: In Agadez city and commune, Tchirozerine department, Agadez region, nearly 1,000 Sudanese refugees staged a protest in front of the UNHCR office, demanding better conditions, including healthcare, education and relocation to Europe. As the High Court declared the sit-in unlawful, security guards tried to disperse the refugees by shooting in the air and releasing tear gas. As violence escalated and people continued to protest, the camp was set alight and 290 out of 331 shelters were destroyed. Nigerien authorities arrested between 350 and 400 Sudanese refugees who they alleged to be in connection to the fire, some of whom later reported cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment at the hands of the authorities. Sources: Al Jazeera, Dabanga Sudan I, Dabanga Sudan II and Dabanga Sudan III


Around 08 January 2020: In Monguno city, Borno state, suspected ISWAP members attacked a checkpoint that leads to the town - home to a large number of IDPs - prompting Nigerian soldiers to repel them. Source: Today