Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief - February 2019

from Insecurity Insight
Published on 28 Feb 2019 View Original


Central African Republic

07 - 10 February 2019: In Kaga Bandoro region, Nana Gribizi prefecture, the outbreak of fires in close proximity to an IDP site left 31 people injured and resulted in shelters and personal items being damaged, as well as a resulting in the partial destruction of a mobile clinic. An estimated 4,500 people were affected by the fires, resulting in humanitarian agencies in Kaga Bandoro planning a renewed push to provide non-food items, health care, food, water, sanitation, hygiene, and education. Further, humanitarian agencies began drive to inform IDP protectors about fire prevention in the area. Source: UN-OCHA


19 February 2019: In Ngouboua locality, Lac region, armed assailants entered the Bouraboura IDP camp - home to over 1,000 displaced people - and opened fire, killing five and wounding four others. The attack occurred at the same time as an additional attack not at an IDP site, but which targeted a village home to around 365 displaced people, where four people were abducted. There is reportedly very limited security in the region and an upsurge in violence in neighbouring Nigeria has led to large numbers of civilians fleeing across the border into Chad. Source: UN-OCHA Nigeria 28 January 2019: In Rann town, Borno state, Boko Haram militants on motorcycles attacked and set fire to hundreds of structures serving as shelters for IDPs, killing at least 60 people. Sources: News 24