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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief December 2021


Safety, security and access incidents

Incidents of threats and violence in refugee and IDP settings. Africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo

01 December 2021: In Fizi territory, South Kivu province, a truck belonging to a humanitarian worker bringing food supplies to displaced people in Bibokoboko village was ambushed by gunmen. Food supplies were stolen and five people were killed, including the driver, his assistant, and two passengers. Sources:, Actualité I, Actualité II, Congo Rassuré, Humangle, La Libre Afrique, La Prunelle, Africa Radio and SOS Médias Burundi


05 December 2021: In Kereinik locality, West Darfur state, unidentified perpetrators armed with heavy weapons burned down the Abuja IDP Camp, as well as a number of other neighbourhoods, leaving 88 people dead and 84 wounded. Sources: Dabanga Sudan I and Dabanga Sudan II 06 December 2021: In El Fasher city, North Darfur state, tensions escalated between nomadic tribespeople and IDPs at the Zamzam Camp after a nomad tribe was attacked in Hashaba village.

On 08 December, nomads threatened to attack the Zamzam Camp and encircled it, claiming that the perpetrators of the 06 December assault were hiding there. Security forces were deployed to protect IDPs from retaliatory attacks. Sources: Al Jazeera, Dabanga Sudan, OCHA and The Guardian

10 December 2021: In Kreinik, Jebel Moon and Sarba localities, West Darfur state, amidst a bout of intercommunal violence, gunmen attacked IDP camps and villages, resulting in at least 138 deaths and dozens of injuries. Many of the wounded died because they could not reach medical facilities. Sources: Al Jazeera, Dabanga Sudan and The Guardian



28 December 2021: Off the coast of Aceh province, Indonesian authorities announced that they would push a wooden boat carrying 120 Rohingya refugees at risk of capsizing back into international waters. On 29 December, following protests from locals and the international community, the authorities backtracked and decided that the boat would be towed to shore. Sources: The New Arab I and The New Arab II