Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief - December 2018

from Insecurity Insight
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Security Incidents and Access Constraints


Central African Republic

04 December 2018: In Ippy town and district, Ouaka prefecture, UPC rebel forces encircled and fired at people inside the Catholic Churchrun Ippy IDP site, killing at least two children and resulting in an unspecified number of other injured parties. Most sources report that Mauritanian peacekeepers were present at the time but failed to intervene and prevent the attack, while other sources claim that no loss of life occurred due to the intervention of MINUSCA forces.
Sources: Amnesty International, La Croix Africa and RJDH

05 December 2018: In Ippy town and district, Ouaka prefecture, the UPC reportedly set fire to the IDP camp within the Catholic Church which they had attacked on the previous day, leaving three people dead. Source: ACLED

DR Congo

17 December 2018: In Masisi territory, North Kivu province, unspecified perpetrators waiting on the Masisi-Nyabiondo road intercepted a WFP truck containing food relief intended for displaced people in Nyabiondo and killed the driver. Source: Radio Okapi


10 December 2018: In Kakuma town, Turkana county, two branches of the Nuer ethnic group clashed over the impregnation of a girl in the Turkana refugee camp. Two people died and eight were injured in the clashes. No further details specified. Source: ACLED1 11 December 2018: In Kakuma town, Turkana county, around 40 LGBT activists marched to the UNHCR office at the Kakuma Refugee Camp to protest the poor conditions, inadequate healthcare, and discrimination at the camp. Meanwhile, members of the local community and fellow refugees – who were later joined by the police – started to attack them with sticks and iron bars, resulting in the injury of at least 20 activists. The UNHCR subsequently relocated all 170 LGBT refugees to safe houses in Nairobi. Sources: ACLED1 , Pink News and Thomson Reuters Foundation


08 December 2018: In Mopti region, a seven-truck aid convoy was robbed while delivering vital food and relief supplies for 523 displaced people in the Karakinde locality. Both the aid workers and the convoy’s drivers were left unharmed. This incident is the fifth such report of relief supplies being stolen in the region in 2018.
Source: UN-OCHA


11 December 2018: In Niamey city, Niamey region, dozens of Sudanese refugees held a protest in front of the offices of the UNHCR over their poor living conditions. Source: ACLED1 31 December 2018: In Kabelawa village, Diffa region, fifteen people were wounded following violence between the Buduma and Fulani ethnic groups at the Kabelawa refugee camp. Source: ACLED1


02 December 2018: In Yola town, Adamawa state, unidentified gunmen entered an IDP camp, opened fire and stole valuables. No further details specified. Source: UN-OCHA 06 December 2018: In Ngala town, Borno state, a group of 20 female IDPs who were out collecting firewood were attacked by Boko Haram militants. One woman was killed, another flogged, and all left with their heads shaved. Source: ACLED1 06 December 2018: In Rann town, Borno state, a clash between armed assailants and soldiers led to the deaths of an unknown number of IDPs and the destruction of a medical centre. The violence subsequently forced an unspecified number of aid workers to relocate to Maiduguri city, the state capital. Source: UN-OCHA 13 December 2018: In Ngala locality, Borno state, a fire likely caused by a cooking accident in an IDP camp left more than 40 IDP families homeless. Source: UN-OCHA


18 December 2018: In Dollow town, Gedo region, an altercation between two IDPs in the Kabasa IDP camp led to the death of one of them after he was struck by a heavy metal bar. Source: ACLED1


03 December 2018: Following the release of an audit report by the UN Office of Internal Oversight which describes the wasting of money meant for refugee operations in Uganda, the UNHCR announced the establishment of a new high-level dialogue with the Ugandan Government to discuss the findings of the report, including recovery of funds. Source: Daily Monitor 23 December 2018: In Yumbe district, refugees at the Bidi Bidi camp rioted over food supply issues, smashing the property of an unspecified INGO and assaulting an unspecified number of staff members.
Source: ACLED1 26 December 2018: In Isingiro district, unidentified gunmen entered the Nakivale Refugee Camp and shot dead an elderly Rwandan refugee. No further details specified. Source: ACLED