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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief April 2022



06 April 2022: In Barkin Ladi LGA, Plateau state, gunmen killed two people at an IDP camp. Source: Council on Foreign Relations

18 April 2022: In Hashaba village, South Darfur state, an unidentified perpetrator stabbed to death a 30-year-old pregnant woman inside her home at the Hashaba IDP Camp. Source: Radio Dabanga

24 April 2022: In Kreinik area, West Darfur state, Janjaweed militiamen attacked an IDP camp, burning dozens of houses and forcing large numbers of people to flee. 16 people were wounded, including three left in critical condition. Source: AP

As reported on 26 April 2022: Across the Darfur region, amidst mounting concerns regarding the fate of a former Janjaweed leader whose trial has recently begun at the International Criminal Court, violence perpetrated by Janjaweed militias is believed to be partially aimed at depopulating towns and dismantling IDP camps, as these represent the most visible proof of war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the same Janjaweed during the Omar al-Bashir era. Source: BBC


04-05 April 2022: In Ukhia upazila, Cox’s Bazar district, Chittagong division, police arrested 216 Rohingya refugees for leaving or attempting to leave their respective refugee camp for work or other purposes. The number of Rohingyas held in transit camps following their arrest has now exceeded 300. Source: Radio Free Asia

Early-April 2022: In Jammu and Kashmir region, Indian authorities forcibly returned a 37-year-old Rohingya woman and UN-recognised refugee to Myanmar, sparking fears that India is preparing to expel many more refugees from the country. Source: The Guardian

20 April 2022: In Penang state, 528 mostly Rohingya refugees fled a temporary immigration detention centre amid a riot inside the compound. Six people, including two women and two children, lost their lives as they tried to cross a nearby highway and were struck by fast-moving vehicles. Of all escapees, 88 were caught by nearby villagers, while 362 were rearrested by police. Sources: Al Jazeera and Radio Free Asia

As reported on 08 April 2022: In Mae Sot district, Tak province, Thai authorities have continued to enact forced returns of refugees to Myanmar. As a result, refugees end up ricocheting between both sides of the Moei River, as fighting in their home villages rages and briefly recedes. Source: ABC


As reported on 10 April 2022: Greek police have detained, beaten and maltreated Afghan migrants and asylum seekers crossing from Turkey, and forcibly returned them to Turkey via the Evros River. Source: Tolo

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
As reported on 27 April 2022: In Folkestone town, Kent county, South East region, England, poor living conditions and inadequate health care at the former military barracks Napier have exacerbated depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health concerns amongst asylum seekers accommodated at the facility. Source: The Guardian

Middle East and North Africa

Islamic Republic of Iran
As reported on 07 April 2022: In Kerman, Lorestand and Yazd provinces, Afghan refugees have been subjected to harassment and aggressive behaviour at the hands of Iranian police and private individuals, with some opting to approach the police and surrender themselves to return to Afghanistan. Sources: Tolo I and Tolo II

03 April 2022: In Sidon district, South governorate, a member of the Palestinian security forces in charge of maintaining security at Lebanon’s 12 Palestinian refugee camps was shot by unidentified perpetrators while he was at a vegetable market at the Ain al-Hilweh Camp. He died after being taken to hospital. Source: The New Arab

23 April 2022: Off the coast of Tripoli city and district, North governorate, a boat carrying at least 84 people capsized after it was struck by naval forces as the smuggler tried to avoid capture. At least seven people, including a woman, died as a result of the shipwreck and around two dozen remained unaccounted for. By 24 April, 47 or 48 people had been rescued. Sources: The New Arab I, The New Arab II and The New Arab III

10 April 2022: Off the coast of Surman city, Zawiya district, Tripolitania region, a Europe-bound wooden boat capsized, causing 18 people to drown. Only four bodies were recovered. Two passengers survived. Sources: Radio Dabanga and The New Arab

16 April 2022: Off the coast of Sabratha city, Zawiya district, Tripolitania region, a Europe-bound small wooden boat capsized, causing at least 35 people to drown. Six bodies were recovered. Sources: Al Jazeera and The New Arab

Mediterranean Sea
01 April 2022: A Europe-bound small vessel travelling from Libya ran into difficulties and sank amid adverse weather conditions, causing around 96 people on board, some of whom Sudanese, to drown. On 02 April, the commercial tanker Alegria 1 rescued the only four survivors from a life raft. After refusing offers of medical assistance from MSF, and despite pleas to disembark them in the nearest port of safety, the ship returned the survivors to Libya. Sources: Malta Independent, NDTV, Radio Dabanga and The New Arab

Occupied Palestinian Territories
Between 01 January and 10 April 2022: In Jenin governorate, according to a report by the Palestinian Prisoners Club, Israeli forces have detained at least 200 Palestinians from several towns around Jenin city and the Jenin Camp, which is subject to violent raids on a regular basis. Half of the arrests happened in March alone. Source: The New Arab

24 April 2022: In Qalandia village, Jerusalem governorate, Israeli forces stormed a number of Palestinian homes at the Qalandia Camp, where they arrested two Palestinian youths. Sources: The New Arab and Twitter