Protecting the rights of children: the role of the media - Lessons from Brazil, India and Kenya

from Internews Network
Published on 31 Jan 2014 View Original

Nearly 300 million children in India, Brazil and Kenya are living in conditions where their most basic rights are violated – through violence, under education and malnutrition, for example. There is tremendous potential and a demonstrable need for media and communications to contribute to the protection of child rights.

Internews Europe has published this comprehensive report “Protecting the rights of children: the role of the media - Lessons from India, Kenya and Brazil.” The research finds that a wide range of factors currently inhibit media in the three countries sampled from playing a more substantive role in promoting awareness of child rights, as well as in helping children realize their rights and in holding government accountable.

Internews Europe has produced a set of recommendations to make sure that crucial information is being shared between key stakeholders and, ultimately, to break down the barriers preventing media from more comprehensively tacking child rights violations.