The potential of Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) to empower women and improve women’s nutrition: a five country study - Final Report

from World Food Programme
Published on 31 Oct 2017 View Original

From June 2016 to April 2017, a five-country study to explore the potential of WFP’s Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) programmes to empower women and improve women’s nutrition was conducted by WFP. The purpose of the study was to:

  1. Assess changes (outcomes or impacts) that relate to women’s socio-economic empowerment (WSEE) and women’s nutrition (WN), and to what extent they occurred;

  2. Examine the causal linkages that may explain how and why these changes occurred in the lives of women; and

  3. Identify the key success factors, be they FFA programme actions, complementary actions or contextual factors, which led to the observed changes.