People In Aid Code of Good Practice in the Management and Support of Aid Personnel


Building on previous guidelines, the People In Aid Code seeks to offer agencies an effective framework for human resources management, helping them assess and raise their performance.

Under an overarching principle "people are central to the achievement of our mission", the Code links together aims and indicators in seven areas:

  • Health, safety and security
  • Learning, training and development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Consultation and communication
  • Support, management and leadership
  • Staff policies and practices
  • Human resources strategy

    Each of the principles is followed by a discussion on why the principle is important, as well as brief case studies from current practice by many agencies from across the world.

    The Code aims to help improve the quality of assistance provided by international and host country staff to communities affected by poverty and disaster. The result of extensive international collaboration by dozens of agencies and the support of major donors, the Code is relevant for agencies in development and advocacy as well as emergency response.

    The Code is also available in French and Spanish.