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The Peacebuilding Fund - Report of the Secretary-General (A/65/353)

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The present report is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 63/282 and covers the activities of the Peacebuilding Fund for the period from 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010. As at 30 June 2010, the total portfolio of the Fund (including deposits and interest income) had grown to $357.3 million. With an expanding donor base, which now numbers 48, the Fund maintains its position as a global fund with one of the broadest donor bases of any multi-donor trust fund administered by the United Nations and is now acknowledged to be one of the key instruments in the provision of early support for peacebuilding.

During the reporting period, the Peacebuilding Fund allocated a total of $63.51 million in 16 countries on security sector reform; disarmament, demobilization and reintegration; youth employment; national reconciliation; good governance; and rule of law, up from $43.94 million in 2008/09. The Fund had a total of 14 recipient United Nations organizations in 2009.

Following the revision of its terms of reference in 2009, the Peacebuilding Fund has improved efficiency with new management procedures and is now shifting its focus to programme quality and better reporting of performance and impact. The goal is to enable the Fund to respond more effectively to the needs and challenges of post-conflict and post-crisis countries in a rapid, relevant and catalytic manner, thus preventing the risk of relapse into violent conflict.