Passive Security - Technical Guidance for ICRC Premises in the Field



1.1 Scope

This document provides technical information and guidelines on passive security measures. These measures are intended to mitigate possible adverse consequences in the event of an attack using conventional weapons or unauthorized intrusion. These are appropriate and actionable measures designed to protect against the various risks the ICRC faces in the field.

Mitigating measures put in place by the ICRC take a two-pronged approach to limiting negative consequences for ICRC staff. First, they aim to prevent a security or safety incident from happening. Second, they aim to improve the ICRC’s readiness should the risk event materialize. As part of the set of mitigating measures, passive security aims at mitigating the effects of weapons and/or of intrusion into ICRC premises. It includes physically hardening buildings and preparing places for people to be safe. Measures include: y a safe area: for people to seek refuge when threatened by sporadic small arms fire; y intrusion mitigation measures: to protect against criminal intrusion; y shelter facility: for people to seek refuge when threatened by heavy weapons; y blast mitigation measures: to protect against the effects of heavy weapons; y violent intrusion mitigation measures: to protect against violent intrusion; and y a strong room: for people to seek refuge when threatened by violent intrusion.

Passive security measures can help mitigate many of the ICRC’s categories of security and safety risks, such as: effects of weapons, criminality & banditry, civil unrest and environmental hazards. These risks can cover a wide spectrum, and there may be some overlap in terms of threats (which are discussed later in this document). The table below groups such threats together and provides an overview of measures that can be used to address them.

Bear in mind that if the risks intensify to the extent that the measures provided in these guidelines no longer apply, the delegation management will have to determine whether ICRC operations should be continued, suspended or relocated.