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Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System Weekly Bulletin / Système de Surveillance Syndromique dans le Pacifique - Bulletin Hebdomadaire: W12 2019 (Mar 18-Mar 24)

Situation Report
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The following syndrome has been flagged:

  • Acute Fever and Rash: French Polynesia

Other updates:

Dengue-like illness, Dengue

**• Tuvalu **Ministry of Health (MoH) reports cases of dengue-like illness with onset dates in epi week 12 (week ending 24 March 2019). Community clean up campaigns are being organised as well key messages to the general public developed. [Source: Tuvalu MoH]

  • Palau: Ongoing outbreak of dengue serotype-3. Between 18-24 March there were 11 new lab confirmed cases reported bringing the total number of cases from 1 December 2018 to 24 March 2019 to 135 cases. There have been no deaths reported. [Source: Palau dengue 3 Sit Rep 26 March 2019, posted on PacNet on 26 Mar 2019].


  • Increase in Influenza-like illness (ILI) cases reported by **New Caledonia. Of the positive cases from January to March 2019; 90% are Influenza A(H1N1)2009 and 10% are Influenza A (H3N2).**[Source: Personal communication]

  • Increase in ILI cases reported by Fiji. Of the positive cases from January to March 2019; 72% are Influenza A(H1N1)2019 and 28% are Influenza A (H3N2). [Source: Fiji Centre for Communicable Diseases]


  • As of 21 March, a total of 23,563 measles cases including 338 deaths (CFR : 1.4%) have been reported in the Philippines. For the nationwide immunization campaign, as on 22 March 2019, 3,300,316 out of the total target of 3,783,985 children aged 6-59 months have been vaccinated against measles (87.2%). [source]

  • Five additional people have been diagnosed with the measles in Auckland, New Zealand bringing the cumulative number of cases to nine. Four out of the five new cases were house hold contact. As of 25 March, a total of 63 measles cases were confirmed nationally. [Source]

Ebola Virus Disease