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Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System Weekly Bulletin / Système de Surveillance Syndromique dans le Pacifique - Bulletin Hebdomadaire: W9 2020 (Feb 24-Mar 01)

Situation Report
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The following syndromes have been flagged:

  • Acute Fever and Rash: Tonga

  • Prolong Fever: RMI, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu

  • Dengue-like illness: RMI

Other updates


  • The measles outbreak in Samoa has been declared over since there have been no measles cases or deaths reported since 14 January and 2 January 2020 respectively .The recovery phase will continue with close monitoring by national health surveillance team The measles outbreak started in Samoa on October 2019. [Source HEOC Situational Report 4th March 2020

Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID -19)

Ebola - Democratic Republic of the Congo