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Pacific syndromic surveillance report: Week 9, ending 5 March 2017


The following syndrome has been flagged:

· Diarrhoea: Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Northern Mariana Islands, Tonga

· Influenza-like illness: FSM

Other updates:


· American Samoa has declared a public health emergency following the confirmation of dengue serotype-2 by the Hawaii State laboratory. Source: Media

· There is an increase in the number of dengue cases reported in Fiji, dengue serotype-2 has been identified in circulation.

· Vanuatu: dengue serotype-2 outbreak ongoing with 1,925 cases as of 9 March 2017, including 64 hospitalisations (since Nov 2016). The weekly number of cases is decreasing. Source: Vanuatu MoH

• New Caledonia: As of 21 February 2017 there have been 1,238 cases since 1 September 2016. There have been 3 deaths reported. Dengue virus serotypes 1, 2 and 3 are in circulation. Source: Department of Health & Social Affairs, New Caledonia