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Pacific syndromic surveillance report: Week 6, ending 12 February 2017


There are no syndromes flagged this week.

Other updates:


· Solomon Islands: As of 5 February 2017 there have been 10,095 cases across all ten (10) provinces since August 2016. A total of 2,721 rapid diagnostic tests (Dengue duo Standard Diagnostics) have been conducted from Week 33, 2016 to Week 5, 2017 and 1178 (43%) were positive either NS1 or IgM.

A total of 50 suspected dengue cases were admitted to the National Referral Hospital in Week 5 (30 January to 5 February, 2017) making the total number of hospitalizations since 15 August 2016 to be 680. Of the admitted cases 63% were individuals below 24 years of age. Source: Ministry of Health and Medical Services dengue situation report No. 19

· Vanuatu: dengue serotype-2 outbreak ongoing with 1,638 cases as of 16 February 2017 (since Nov 2016). Source: Vanuatu MoH

• New Caledonia: As of 14 February 2017 there have been 719 cases since 1 Sep 2016, a health emergency has been declared as a result of the increasing number of cases. Dengue serotype-1 has been confirmed. Source:Department of Health & Social Affairs, New Caledonia

· French Polynesia: reports two cases of dengue serotype-2 with recent travel Vanuatu. Source: Personal communication with country officials.