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Pacific syndromic surveillance report: Week 16, ending 19 April, 2015

Situation Report
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The following syndromes have been flagged:

· Acute Fever and Rash: Marshall Islands, Palau

· Diarrhoea:Palau

· Influenza-**like illness:**American Samoa, Tonga

· Prolonged Fever: Tonga

Other updates:


· Outbreaks are on-going in Cook Islandsand**Marshall Islands.**Weekly number of cases in American Samoa, Kiribatiand Samoa have reduced significantly**.**

· Cook Islandsreports 42 suspected chikungunya cases in the week to 19 April 2015. Samples were confirmed RT-PCR +ve by the Institut Louis Malarde (ILM), French Polynesia

· Marshall Islands –As of 20 April 2015, there have been 154 cases since 9 February 2015.


· Dengue outbreak is occurring in the Macuata Province, Northern Health Division,**Fiji.**Dengue serotype-2 has been identified by the ILM, French Polynesia. The number of cases is decreasing.

· Marshall Islands reports 3 dengue RDT positive cases. Samples have been sent to Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Honolulu, Hawaii for confirmatory testing.

· French Polynesia reports 110 cases in the week to 12 April 2015. Dengue serotype-1 has been identified.

· Tonga dengue serotype-3 has been identified by Labplus, Auckland, New Zealand. There have been 7 dengue-like illness cases in the week to 19 April 2015.


· There are measles outbreaks ongoing in Papua New Guinea(PNG) and Vanuatu.The number of cases in PNG is declining.


· French Polynesiareports 60 cases, including three deaths, from early January to the week to 12 April 2015.

Zika Virus

· An outbreak is ongoing in Solomon Islands. As of 12 April 2015 there have a total of 263 cases since February 2015. Samples were confirmed RT-PCR +ve by the ILM, French Polynesia.

Vanuatu–**Following Tropical Cyclone Pam**

· A significant diarrhoea outbreak is ongoing in Tanna. Cases are in children and adults, occurring over a widespread geographic area. Disease appears to be mild with few hospitalisations and no deaths.

· Samples of acute fever and rash cases from Tanna have been sent for measles testing.

· For more information please refer to Cyclone Pam update

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)

· In the week to 19 April, a total of 33 confirmed cases was reported, compared with 37 and 30 in the preceding weeks. A total of 21 new confirmed cases were reported in Guinea, 0 in Liberia, and 12 in Sierra Leone in the 7 days to 19 April.

· There have been 26 044 reported cases of EVD in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone with over 10 808 reported deaths.

· To review recent Pacific Ebola updates on PacNet please refer to the provided link Ebola resources for PICs